Hotel Nazary - [Mod Map]

COD: Black Ops 3

Project Overview

Team Size: One

Time Frame: 10 days

Software: Radiant Engine (COD MOD tools)

Map Size: Closer in size to Ground War, but suitable for multiple modes.

Setting: Inspired from a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan

Taking inspiration from Warfare 2019, I’ve tried to design a map that does not focus on a three-lane map design.
Overhead Map
Overhead Map
Overhead Map with references

Visual Language

I've put a lot of focus on designing this map using easily understandable visual language. Different colors were used to signify different Cover Heights for the players: Standing, Crouching , Prone and Full Cover.

(I’ve added GIFs and images down below to indicate such examples)

I’ve used the official metrics used in Black Ops 3 for scaling the level geometry for all objects in this map. 

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Points of Interest

Any significant point of interests is also clearly identified by unique art and silhouettes that can be viewed from across different sections of the map. Simpler but distinct POI’s such as the courtyard and loading bay were designed to be instantly recognizable and memorable.

The mosque was designed using basic level geometry within the radiant editor. In the final design, it can be positioned on top of a hill to make it more clearly visible and be the main POI used for player’s guidance.